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Mobile Premier League has recently started a replacement quiz show which has been branded as MPL Pro Quiz Battles. because the name suggests, it a battle game, you’ll play the quiz game against any selected random player. The winner of the quiz battle is going to be selected on the idea of points scored. You have to either use your winning cash or deposit cash to play the quiz game. Cash bonuses can’t be used here to participate and play.

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Are GK questions and answers your strength? Does all trivia or gyaan get your brain cells firing? MPL’s online Quiz is ideal for you! Answer simple public knowledge questions within the quiz and win cash and other prizes!

MPL also allows you to play quizzes online for various categories like cricket, maths, current affairs, etc. Just download the MPL mobile app, sign up, select the Quiz game from our homepage, and play quiz online!

Choose from a good sort of quizzes on the MPL app, like maths quiz, science quiz, Bollywood quiz, cricket quiz and much of GK quiz questions! MPL’s Quiz comes with a really simple multiple choice question and answer format. Just choose the right answer from the given options, play the quiz and win money!

Different quizzes, one app

Come and test your public knowledge on the Quiz against many other quizzers! Are you a Bollywood buff? are you able to guess the actor during a matter of seconds? Then the Bollywood Quiz is formed only for you. Play the quiz and win money daily on the MPL Pro Quiz app!

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you recognize your Cricket and think your trivia game is robust, then try the Cricket Quiz category on MPL. Answer easy multiple choice quiz questions on your favorite game on the MPL app and win money!

Think you’re a Maths wizard? Well, it’s time to point out it off by playing the Maths Quiz on MPL! Answer quiz questions on all things math and win big! Play Quiz to win on diverse topics, only on MPL!

Multiple Quiz Battle formats

Now, you’ll game on the Trivia and public knowledge Quiz on MPL in multiple formats! Play the classic one-on-one battle, where the winner takes all the prize money: Just choose a two-player Quiz battle, where you and your opponent are going to be given a specified time to answer multiple-choice GK questions. The user who answers most of the questions right during a shorter period will win the web quiz on MPL!

Want to bring your friends to the Quiz? MPL now offers you multiple player battles with quite one winner! Yes, you read that right! Play quiz online against up to four other players, with up to 3 winners!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the MPL Pro Quiz app today, play our online Quiz by answering simple GK questions, and win money

Battles are a replacement format. You play against one other player. You pay to play once against another player. If you win, you get your winnings immediately.

Participation in a battle

Find a battle room as per your liking within the battles tab under the sport of your choice. Each battle room features a fee per battle. Pay to play once. Amount gets deducted whenever you begin a replacement battle.

Win during a battle

It depends on each battle room. Some battles may need prizes for the runner up also. you’ll see the on the battle room card and within the battle room details.

    1. At first, DOWNLOAD the MPL Pro Quiz Apk and install it on your phone.
    2. Now login to your mpl account or signup if are new mpl. [ confirm to use the referral code: 5HP7BF during signup to urge Rs 20 cash bonus and 20 tokens for free]
    3. Click either click on the “MPL Quiz Battles” banner or move to the “All Games” section and open the quiz.
    4. Now you’ll find the list of quiz battle games with winning amount and therefore the fee per battle.
    5. Choose anybody of the battle games and click on thereon.
    6. Move to rock bottom and click on on “Battle With” and pay the specified battle fee.
    7. Now you’ll be asked to pick the quiz language: English or Hindi.
    8. After selecting the language, mpl will select any random player against whom you’ll be playing the quiz battle.
    9. Now you’ll be asked 10 questions from different topics. you’ll earn points on each correct answer.
    10. At last, the player scoring the very best points wins the winning amount.


MPL selects the winner on the idea of the points system. You get points on each correct answer. After the sport overs or answering all the questions, the results get declared. The name of the winner of the sport with the winning amount and point scored appears on the screen. the choice criteria are very simple, the player who earns the very best points wins the sport.


What happens if my opponent disconnects after I even have been matched?

If either you or your opponent leaves before the sport Starts, your fee is going to be refunded. This generally takes but 5 minutes. However, in some extreme cases, it’d take up to 24 hours. we’ll attempt to match you automatically with another opponent.

How do I win a battle? What happens if my game ends and my opponent remains playing?

A battle ends when both you and your opponent have ended their games. When this happens, if your score is bigger than your opponent’s then you WIN. If your score is adequate to your opponent’s score at the top of the battle, the sport is TIED and both of you’ll get your battle entry fee back to your accounts. These are possible scenarios during which a battle could end:

If Your game has ended first

  • If your score was less than your opponent’s score, your opponent’s game ends also and you LOSE
  • If your score is above your opponent’s score, the opponent can still play until he/she beats your score or his/her game ends. you’ll be shown a GAME OVER screen where you’ll see your opponent’s progress.
  • If he beats your score, you LOSE.
  • If his games end before reaching your score, You WIN

If Your opponent’s game has ended first

  • If your score was above your opponent’s, your game will end also and you WIN.
  • If your score was less than your opponent’s, you’ll still play till you beat your opponent’s score or till your game ends.
  • If you beat your opponent’s score you WIN
  • If your game ends before reach your opponent’s score, you LOSE

What happens if I exit the sport OVER screen before the battle ends?

You can exit the screen and continue playing other battles or tournaments. Your battle will show within the My Games Tab within the Battles Section as Pending Result. When your opponent ends their game, the result is going to be updated there.

Can I challenge an opponent for a Re-Match? What happens once I tap on Battle Again?

You can challenge an opponent after your battle ends by tapping on the green “BATTLE AGAIN” Button. Your opponent has 10 seconds to reply to your challenge. If your opponent accepts your challenge, a replacement battle will begin. The Battle entry fee is going to be deducted again from each of your accounts. If your opponent doesn’t accept, you’ll find another player or exit to the battle room.

I don’t see the Battle Again Button or it’s disabled. Why?

It might be due to one among the subsequent reasons:

  1. you’ll not have sufficient balance to battle again
  2. Your opponent won’t have sufficient balance to battle again
  3. Battle Room may need to be ended

What happens once I tap on to find a new player?

You will be matched with another MPL user as an opponent. Battle Entry Fee is going to be deducted once a match is found

I have received a challenge from my opponent at the top of the battle. How do I accept it?

You could accept the challenge by clicking on YES or the Battle Again button within 10 seconds. If you accept, a replacement battle is going to begin and Battle Entry Fee will be deducted from each of your accounts.

When do I buy my winnings into my MPL account?

You will get the winnings in your MPL account as soon because the battle has ended.

What is the battle room leaderboard?

Battle Room Leaderboard shows what percentage battles players have won therein battle room thus far. Please note this Leaderboard expires when the battle room closes.